How to be pessimistic, and yet happy?

Frequently when I heard about motivational seminars, the contents were about how to be optimistic, positive thinking towards life and future. Most of the motivational speakers would say that the optimistic way of life will make you successful and happy. But is it true?

I think about the answer many times. Can I be happier if I have an optimistic way to see life and future? From my experiences, when I tried to be optimistic, full of hope and expectation, many times I got disappointed. The more I expect, the more I disappointed. It is not true that if I am positive towards life, then life will be positive too. Many times, the opposites happen. Although I am very positive, yet optimistic, life doesn’t work as I want.

Instead, I feel happier when I see life in a pessimistic way. Pessimistic people never expect for anything. They know so well that the world contains evil, pain, and sufferings. They don’t hide from all of this reality. They face it, not in a happy way, but also not too sad. They just accept it as the reality in life. A pessimist doesn’t expect or hope for something good, but they always on guard for something bad. They are always suspicious, and that makes them full of anticipation in every condition.

People hate pessimistic people because they think that the pessimists are not happy with themselves. On the contrary, I see the pessimist people happier than the optimistic people. Pessimist people never doing anything out of their plan. Pessimists always have on guard. Pessimists never disappointed because they never expect. But after all, pessimistic people know so well that human is not born to be happy. So, it’s okay not to be happy. Like what Schopenhauer, a pessimist philosopher said: “There’s one big mistake in a world, to think that we are born for happiness.”


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